Painting: Street scene in DC’s Chinatown


Street scene in DC's Chinatown

Driving my husband to work in Penn Quarter each morning, this particular corner at 7th and D streets Northwest always struck me as highly interesting. I love the Chinatown gate, of course, but I more so love the varied rooftop heights, the variety of color and the lively buzz that seems present at all hours of the day and night.

The light was never right in the mornings to snap a photo–too dark–but noon on Black Friday proved a beautiful time to photograph this intersection.

To paint this scene, I followed along with a YouTube tutorial by artist Vanita Pappas. She demonstrated how she paints street scenes. I’m so pleased with how this piece turned out that I’m considering signing up for Pappas’s online courses.


Painting: Botswana’s Okavango Delta

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“Onx’s Okavango I”
Watercolor, pencil and ink on paper

My guide and new friend Onx and I painted together on the veranda overlooking an Okavango Delta channel at Wilderness Safaris‘ Xigera Camp in Botswana. We traded paintings afterwards. It was really nice to sit with him and paint. onxHe was otherwise reserved, but painting together brought out a side of his personality I never would have seen. I gave him my painting kit before I departed.

Below is another painting I made from the same vantage point, but at sunset.