Important buildings and famous scenes are lovely, but they don’t stir nearly as much emotion as seeing a painting of your favorite corner bodega or the old dry cleaner you used to go to. The bigger our world gets, the more the seemingly ordinary and close-to-home become more meaningful.

In creating streetscapes, a touch of whimsy is important to me. Thank goodness I can’t draw a straight line! I also like choosing subjects that are a bit run-down, like the wig shop shown below. You’d never know that was a decrepit block of Silver Spring, Maryland.

Sometimes I use watercolors in a very painterly way, other times just to color.  I take inspiration from a variety of art: Impressionism, anime, graffiti, cartoons and New Yorker magazine covers. In fact, it’s my dream to land a New Yorker cover one day.

Streetscapes in Washington, DC

Streetscapes in Philadelphia


Elsewhere Around the World

A few florals


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